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FanHouse: NFL Only Wanted a Fine, No Suspension for Chiefs' Johnson

For those signing this Larry Johnson petition, you probably think the Kansas City Chiefs didn't punish their running back enough.  If that's the case, then read this:

Multiple sources tell Nancy Gay of FanHouse that the NFL did not "endorse or encourage" the suspension levied against the seven year veteran.

We've suspected this before, but Gay is, from what I can tell, the first to cite sources in reporting this.

Yes, the NFL did not want a suspension or a game check docked.  Per Gay, the NFL recommended that the Chiefs simply fine him $10,000, the same punishment received by Joey Porter for making similar comments.

Porter also apologized for the words he used except qualified the apology to include everyone "except Winslow."  LJ issued a "legitimate" apology, whether it came from his lawyer or not.  Porter's incident came before Roger Goodell's infamous strike down on personal conduct.  So, it makes you wonder why the NFL would not want to take a harsher stand.

As Gay points out, the NFL has been strangely quiet in this case and another high-profile case with Tom Cable.

"Could it be that Goodell and Smith have a handshake détente in place," Gay writes, "setting aside personal conduct battles for now, knowing they'll tackle other serious problems in the coming months -- such as potentially messy and costly negotiations that will either lead to a NFL-imposed lockout or a new Collective Bargaining Agreement?"

As we've said here before, it's likely that both sides wanted to settle in order to avoid giving the other side the "win" just months before the league and the NFLPA will get together to discuss a new CBA.

So, there's not many people within league circles that think LJ got off easy at all.  The NFL didn't want the suspension, and the NFLPA didn't want the suspension.

With this confirmation from Gay, I'd say the Chiefs did well for themselves.