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Jaguars' MJD has Chiefs Cassel on his Fantasy Team

I'm currently playing in one of those leagues that has two quarterback spots on the roster.  It's strange since I've never played in a league like that before.  It's too much arena ball (Thanks, Herm) for me. Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew also plays in a fantasy league with two quarterbacks.

Except he's got a different problem - He may be able to only play one (link comes courtesy Patrick Allen).

"We play two quarterbacks," Jones-Drew said via ESPN, "I have Matt Cassel but I hope he does bad [in Jacksonville Sunday]. I might just play one quarterback."

A pretty clear conflict of interest but all in good fun. 

(Unless he's in one of those leagues with enough money at stake to make it worth it to do something to help his digital team.  That's unlikely, though.)

Cassel hasn't been a good fantasy start overall this season.  Yeah, he had 250 yards and two touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys but that was only the second time in six games he had gone over 200 yards.

He may doing what he can to help the team, but he's not a fantasy stud (yet).  Last season he started to gain some momentum in the second half of the season (albeit with a different team).

As far as fantasy goes, is it ever okay to cheer for your fantasy team over the Chiefs?