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Chiefs Have Three WRs Near the Top in Dropped Passes

Player Targets Rec. Yds. Avg. TD Drops
Terrell Owens, Buffalo 50 23 281 12.2 1 9
Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City 43 23 301 13.1 4 7
Mario Manningham, NY Giants 52 28 439 15.7 4 6
Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh 55 30 497 16.6 1 6
Derrick Mason, Baltimore 52 30 421 14.0 4 5
Bryant Johnson, Detroit 46 18 241 13.4 1 5
Louis Murphy, Oakland 47 16 232 14.5 1 5
Ted Ginn Jr., Miami 40 18 211 11.7 1 5
Bobby Wade, Kansas City 37 20 226 11.3 2 5
Chris Chambers, Kansas City 31 9 122 13.6 1 5

Table comes via ESPN Stats and Information

Okay, okay, Chris Chambers hasn't played a game yet for the Kansas City Chiefs.  However, he's been targeted 31 times and dropped five of them.  That's actually nearly the exact same drop-per-target rate as Dwayne Bowe.

Numbers one and two on this list are familiar having topped the top five list last season as well.

The reason this is a little surprising for the Chiefs is because Todd Haley had been a receiver specialist in his time in the league.  He's gotten some pretty good production out of receivers in his other stops (except Chicago, where receivers go to die).

The Chiefs have also placed an emphasis on focus, attitude and concentration under the Haley regime. This caused Bowe to miss some reps in the offseason and some time in the preseason.  Haley has said as recently as this week that he believes Bowe is coming along at a rate that pleases him.

With Haley's penchant for coaching receivers, and the focus on concentration and doing the little things right, how in the heck do the Chiefs have so many drops? 

I'll let you all hash that out in the comments.  I think it could range from talent to coaching style to quarterbacking to scheme to....well, there a lot of possibilities.

Give it to Bowe, though.  On this top ten list, he's tied for first in the category that matters - touchdowns.

(Thanks to WesternChief for the link)