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Brown Talking As If McGraw Will Be Out for the Chiefs

Count Mike Brown as one of the Kansas City Chiefs players that believe DaJuan Morgan can step in this weekend and start at free safety against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"We’ll be OK. You only need two (safeties)," Brown said.

But that's only if Jon McGraw can't go.

Jarrad Page is now on IR and McGraw is banged up with some sort of leg strain.  I figured with an extra week off, whatever happened to McGraw, it wouldn't cost him a game.  He was previously the starter after taking the job from an injured Page.

That said, read these words by Brown, distributed by the other AP, and tell me if it sounds as if Morgan starting and McGraw sitting is a done deal.

"It does hurt losing Jarrad and Jon. They’re very good players. But DaJuan is going to step in and play well. He’s young and ready to play and got a little juice in him. He’s excited. This is a great opportunity for him to show what he can do, to show the Chiefs fans what he’s all about."

I wonder if Mike Brown knows something we don't know (yet).