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New Chiefs WR Chambers Working Overtime to Play Sunday

I'm not the only one putting in a little overtime these days.  New Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Chambers put in time last night with the playbook and the coaches to prepare himself for the possibility of playing Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Word broke via Adam Schefter of ESPN around 3:30 PM (CST) that he had been signed by the Chiefs.

"It’s a totally new system for him," head coach Todd Haley told reporters this afternoon, "but he’s on it and we’re on him late last night and early this morning trying to get him up to speed. He took some reps today."

Haley used the words "we'll see" and "we're trying" when asked if he's going to play Sunday.  Chambers was on the practice field today, though, and talked like he was going to play.

"I had a good day getting started today," Chambers said after today's practice. "I've been in a lot of offenses over my career, and some of the stuff I've picked up pretty quick."


Receivers in their first game with the Chiefs tend to do well.  Bobby Wade led the team with six receptions for 72 yards in his first as a Chief.  Lance Long was targeted five times, as many as Dwayne Bowe, in his first on the active roster.

Sounds like the Chiefs are preparing Chambers to do the same.