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Chiefs Check Out a Notre Dame Practice

I've got a friend that's one of those freakishly obsessed Notre Dame fans.  You know the type - If they're a Chiefs fan, then Tim Grunhard (ND Alum) is the greatest Chiefs player ever.  Knows all the recruits, practice schedule and the whole bit.  So you can imagine how excited he was to tell me that Kansas City Chiefs scouts, along with the Colts and Pats, were represented at yesterday's Irish practice.

A connection, of course, is former Patriots coordinator Charlie Weis and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli.

As we've said before, Chiefs scouts attend a lot of games, practices and workouts for players as they prepare for April's draft.  Those aren't always publicized, though, so it's interesting to guess who the Chiefs are looking at when they do visit schools.

Here are a few prospects for the Irish.

OT Sam Young: 6'7", 315 pounds and, as Ryan over at KC Chiefs Blog, says, he fits the bill for the "right 53".  He's already pursuing a graduate degree and figures to be a mid first to early second round pick in April.

C Eric Olsen: Not a certainty to be drafted but still a late round prospect.

Young appears to be the only senior that will definitely get drafted.  Here are the names of some juniors.

QB Jimmy Clausen: You've heard of him but the Chiefs aren't interested.

WR Golden Tate: Possibly a second round selection.  He's one of the biggest names for the Irish right now.  He doesn't have typical top talent size but he's got what counts - production.  He went over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns last season and will pass that mark this season as well.

The Irish also have a couple of true sophomores that will be NFL candidates next year - WR Michael Floyd and TE Kyle Rudolph. Maybe the Chiefs are getting an early start.WR Michael Floyd and