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Ladies and Gents, Your Schizophrenic Chiefs: Part Two

Yesterday, we took a closer look at the Chiefs offense and overall win-loss record to see just how unpredictable the Chiefs have been in 2009. Of course, our hopes are that the consistency of playing together and the bye week allow for some real cohesion to take place and that our Chiefs develop an identity (a winning one, I mean).

Here in the second part, I wanted to take a closer look at the defensive numbers and our special teams to see just how back and forth the first installment of Todd Haley's Chiefs have been.

Defense: Many predicted a breakout year for Joe Flacco and the "new-look" Ravens (including Flacco himself) and torching the Chiefs for 38 points in Week 1 proved his point. That would prove to be only the first of three 30-point games the Chiefs would allow in the first half of the season - the others being 37 to the Chargers in Week 7 and 34 to the Eagles in Week 4. That also doesn't include 26 and 27 in two other games (to the Cowboys and Giants respectively).

So obviously, the downside is much more dominant than any good news. That being said, signs of life are present. The Chiefs defense played quite well on the road against the Redskins (yes, it's the Redskins, but still), allowing only six points and displaying the ability to hold a lead. They also only allowed 166 total yards to the Raiders.

And if anything, at least the Chiefs have already nearly matched last season's ridiculous sack total (a league record-setting 10 sacks in 16 games) with nine sacks in seven games.

Special Teams: Well, it's here the Chiefs are absolutely stable - at least in the kicking game. Ryan Succop has proven to be remarkably reliable on the big stage thus far for a rookie, making every field goal under 40 yards and making 9 of 11 overall and all 10 extra points. That makes a 81% rookie year - quite the seventh round choice. In other news, Dustin Colquitt is amazing. Enough said there.