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Report: Chiefs Unlikely to Pursue Charlie Weis

After all the comments, articles and predictions from folks across the league, the consensus (if there is such a thing in speculation) was that ex-Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis would become the offensive coordinator for one of two teams without a coordinator currently in place: the Kansas City Chiefs or New England Patriots.

Despite all these reports and guesses and speculation, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk cites a league source that tells him Weis reuniting with Pioli and Haley in Kansas City is unlikely and it all stems from some sort of conflict between Pioli, Weis and Bill Belichick.

Per Florio, there is some "disdain" between Weis and Pioli dating back to their time in New England.  Both "wanted to be Belichick's favorite," a source told him.


If Weis can help the team, and I mean truly help the team, then a personality conflict shouldn't keep it from happening.  The point of conflict (Belichick) is no longer around and, if we want to believe Haley, the head coach makes the call on hiring his coaching staff.

We've heard previous reports that Pioli essentially created the image of Belichick as a monster and not the laid-back, nice guy some league insiders know.  And we've seen some paint Pioli as a "ego" driven executive.  These are just reports, and we really can't confirm any of them, but if they're true then Florio's report makes sense at this point.

(Thanks to Jason Shore for the first FanShot)

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