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Lenny Thinks the Chiefs Have to Show Some Fight

Late in the Kansas City Chiefs latest loss, the San Diego Chargers were facing a 4th and 3 from the Chiefs 5 yard line.

The fans were cheering for LaDainian Tomlinson to come onto the field and score his third touchdown in an already record-setting day.  The head coach opted to kick the field goal.

Fans response?  Booing.

By that time, it was pointless. Going for a touchdown would have only created the impression that they were rubbing it in, which usually isn't a good move with a team you play at least twice a year.  The Chargers outscored the Chiefs by 59 points this season.

Talent is a big reason for that difference.

The folks on 810 WHB said today they'd "kill for the Chargers talent" and former Chiefs QB and NFL Hall of Famer Len Dawson agreed, "Yes, they've got some talent."

Dawson thinks the Chiefs need to show some fight, even in the two drubbings they've received from the Chargers this season.  He said during the game he wanted the Chiefs to hit back.

"You've gotta fight," Lenny the Cool said. "They're taking a whipping out there, and somewhere they've gotta say, 'Wait a minute I'm tired of getting smacked around and I've gotta do something about it'.  I didn't see that yesterday."

"It was humiliating to make that many mistakes and be dominated by that football team."