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No Bad Blood Between New Chief Chambers and Former Chargers Teammates

"There was no jawing or anything," Chris Chambers said. "We were just having fun."

The timing of Chris Chambers release from the San Diego Chargers, right in the middle of the season, might suggest that there was some sort of conflict between he and the coaching staff or other players.  Nope.  The Chargers had a good problem to have and that's too many good players at one position.

So, Chambers was released and brought aboard the Kansas City Chiefs. He has previously said that he'd be lying if he wasn't eyeing yesterday's game against his former teammates but remembered that it's just another game.

"I mean, it’s just another game for the most part," he said. "A little bit of emotion. I really did enjoy playing with my teammates in San Diego and definitely have a lot of respect for them; they have a lot of respect for me. It was just fun going against the guys."

Chambers had a good game personally catching 7 balls for 70 yards and a nice touchdown reception.  

"I’ve been having opportunities, more opportunities to make plays since I’ve been here. Definitely, it was a great start for me. I love getting my hands on the ball early in the game and built some momentum for myself."

Head coach Todd Haley has been complimentary of Chambers since he arrived.  And why shouldn't he?  Chambers is the leading receiver on the team during that time span.

“I would say Chris is another bright spot for us," Haley said, "a guy that has assimilated fairly quickly. He was beat up a bit going in, but I think he made a couple of plays early that got us in a position to make it a game and appeared to do most of the things we asked of him to give us a chance to win.”

Judging by the picture above, which was taken after the Chiefs lost by 29 points, Chambers was getting along with his teammates.