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Chiefs RB Charles Already Passes LJ as Season Rushing Leader

Well, that was quick.  

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles passed Larry Johnson as the season rushing leader.  Charles has 406 yards while LJ had 377 as a Chief.

The amazing part of it?  Charles did it in 54 less carries than LJ.  Yep, 54.  That's about two games worth for LJ when he was a Chief.

Charles is a major, major upgrade and overall is part of the solution and not the problem.

"Minus that," Haley said, "I think Jamaal is showing that he could potentially be a pretty good back."/p>

That minus part is Charles' fumble that was potentially a ten point swing for the Chiefs.

"I should have had two hands on the ball," Charles said. "It was my fault. It led to another touchdown and it got bad real soon after that. Coach always tells me to cover the ball with two hands, but I thought I was still about to break and I only had one hand on it."

Charles isn't giving up on the season though. My interaction with him has shown to me that he really loves the game. Almost like a kid.

"The situation we are in right now, every time I touch the ball I try to make something happen," said Charles. "It’s real frustrating. We just have to come together as a team. We were fighting as a team at the start. After I fumbled the ball, everything just went downhill.

"I believe we can still win the rest of our games. I’m not giving up."