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Chiefs Coach Haley Has No Answer For Fumbled Snaps

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said going into the game that his team had a few focal points. One of those was minimizing turnovers. Haley said that's always an emphasis with his team but especially yesterday against a good offensive team like the San Diego Chargers.

Problem is, the Chiefs didn't execute that point of focus.  Four turnovers were the result of the Chiefs extra emphasis on protecting the football.  Two of those lack-of-focus plays were errant snaps from center Rudy Niswanger.

The center-to-quarterback exchange isn't something the Chiefs have had a problem with during the regular season.

"I've not seen a problem with Rudy until today," Haley said. "Clearly, there were a couple of those that really hurt us.  To this point, that's something that I've never seen as an issue with Rudy. It kinda came out of nowhere, I don't know.  We'll have to study it.

"We've talked to him a little bit and he's a stand up guy. He's willing to take anything.

"But we're going to look at it and see if we put him in a compromising spot or what the deal was.  So, that's that on the snaps."

Center's kind of a unique position in that teams generally don't shuffle them in and out during the season.  Part of the reason behind a successful center-to-quarterback exchange is repetition, which you get throughout the course of a season.

I don't suspect Niswanger goes the way of other Chiefs that have screwed up and been deemed replaceable. The only other center option on the team is Wade Smith, who's also a backup for virtually every other line position, so that's not a likely scenario.

For now, I would imagine the Chiefs stick with Niswanger as the snap problem is hopefully correctable.