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Four Good Stats by the Chiefs Against the Chargers

Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs suffered their third blow out the season and second blowout at the hands of the San Diego Chargers.

The Chargers beat the Chiefs 37 to 7 back in Week 7 and again destroyed our Chiefs yesterday, 43 to 14.

We've got a few nuggets of hope for you this morning to hopefully brighten your day.

The tough part about finding five four good stats from this game is that the defense had virtually zero playmakers against the Chargers. Even our resident playmaker CB Brandon Flowers had trouble yesterday.

One of the most frustrating parts about the game was that the Chiefs just aren't bad enough to get blow out like that. It's so frustrating. It fuels the trash talk for other teams and makes the casual NFL follower think that the Chiefs are in the dumpster of the NFL. While you could make that argument, most Chiefs fans will tell you that things are improving, slowly but surely and definitely sporadically.

Anyway, let's get through this. Here are the "good" stats I saw yesterday:

  • Run defense
  • Red zone efficiency
  • Kick returns
  • Rushing TDs

It's all there, after the jump.

LT - 39 yards rushing

I know that Tomlinson's low rushing total is is partly due to the fact that this was a blowout game and that he gave up some carries late in the game to Tolbert.

But, the Chiefs did hold LT to only a 3-yard per carry average. Not too shabby and a thin ray of light for a young defense.

Jamaal Charles' 45-yard return

After returning one 97-yards last week for a touchdown, Jamaal Charles again split the wedge for a 45-yard kick off return in the fourth quarter. He's emerged in the last two weeks a a legitimate kick return option for the Chiefs.

Recently activated WR/KR Quinten Lawrence returned kicks too but Charles made the most impact.

Our second rushing touchdown!

Jamaal Charles' 4-yard run in the third quarter marked the Kansas City Chiefs second rushing touchdown of the season. The first was Charles' 44-yard TD run against the Raiders two weeks ago.

The Chiefs are last in the NFL in rushing touchdowns. Cleveland has three rushing TDs and the Bucs are tied with a few other with four.

Red zone efficiency

The Chiefs are middle of the road in red zone efficiency but last in points scored. What does that mean? When the Chiefs get a chance in the red zone to score, they generally do a pretty good job. It's that getting there part that's tough.

Yesterday, the Chiefs were 2-2 in the red zone, scoring two touchdowns.

What good things stood out to you yesterday?