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Former Patriot Rodney Harrison Likes New Chiefs WR Chris Chambers

Since there isn't a Pioli/Haley/Parcells connection with the Kansas City Chiefs newest signing, former San Diego Chargers WR Chris Chambers, we decided to bring you....

....A former New England Patriots talking about Chambers (Whew, a former Pats player approves).

Rodney Harrison, currently of NBC's Football Night in America, talked with ESPN Radio earlier today, before the news of Chambers broke.  He was on-air convincing Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo to make a run at Chambers.  Well, Angelo may have made a claim - unfortunately for him the Chiefs are a higher priority on the list.

Here's what Harrison, who played for the Patriots from 2003-2008, had to say about Chambers this morning (via ESPN Chicago):

"I like him, I like him, I played against the young man for years," Harrison said. "Very physical receiver [with] great hands, and runs good routes. Good downfield speed, very tough. A deceptively strong receiver that's very dependable and who gave us fits."

Chambers has four touchdowns in nine career games against Harrison's Patriots.

"I talked to [Philadelphia Eagles cornerback] Asante Samuel, [who said Chambers] was a guy who was a tough matchup because he's so strong and goes up for the ball. He attacks the ball at the highest point.

"I like Chris Chambers," Harrison continued. "If you could pick him up for the next eight games for a couple million bucks, I think it's a great deal. If you could add another weapon, especially with the weapons the Bears already have, and give Jay Cutler that deep downfield threat other than Johnny Knox … a guy who can run slant, intermediate routes, who's not afraid of getting hit."

Basically, replace Chicago with Kansas City and he's still got a point.  I think this is an upgrade for the Chiefs.

Harrison says he's worth the risk, especially since the Chiefs would only have to commit nine games.

Of course, Harrison is also talking about Chambers before a 2008 injury that has reportedly (and statistically) slowed him down.