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New Chiefs WR Chambers Never the Same After 2008 Injury?

Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune talked with Chris and Cowboy on 610 Sports regarding the Chiefs acquisition of former Chargers WR Chris Chambers.

Canepa says the No. 1 reason for Chambers' release was production.  In just four games this season, Chambers had nine receptions for 122 yards.  However, one of the biggest plays of the season came last Sunday against the Raiders.  Chambers was cut Monday.

"I asked Norv [Turner] yesterday if he'd ever cut a player who he had admitted had made the biggest play of the game the day before, and he said he can't remember doing it," Canepa said.

He also says that Chambers hadn't been the same after missing weeks six and seven during the 2008 season.

"After that high ankle sprain, which he suffered in the Miami game, he just wasn't the same.  And certainly wasn't the same this year.  They're talking about all the other marital problems and all that other stuff, I don't know how that's weighed on his performance.  I don't know."

During that 2008 week five game with the Dolphins, Chambers had gotten seven touchdown passes in seven games dating back to 2007. So, the statistics would agree with Canepa's assertion that he was "never the same."

Canepa said he liked Chambers personally and that "he was a pro" but agreed personally with the move because of production issues and money.

All that said, Canepa thinks Chambers will help the Chiefs.

"I can't see him not helping you guys," he said. "I think he'll be an asset."

Listen to the interview here.