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Chargers' Tomlinson has Motivation for 100 Yards Against the Chiefs

Before the Chiefs and Chargers first meeting this season, LaDainian Tomlinson had been off to a slow start scoring just one touchdown in an injury plagued start to the season.

Against the Chiefs in week six, LT had 71 yards, his highest total of the season.  Since then, he's scored five touchdowns ad the Chargers have won five in a row.  Probably not a coincidence.

According to ESPN's Merrill Hoge, there is "no question" LT reaches the 100 yard plateau today against the Chiefs.

Hoge pointed out a few "different wrinkles" the Chargers have been employing to help LT on his hot streak.  The offensive line, in a few sets, has lined up like this:


That tight end is Gates and the dual tackles on the left side are able to create running lanes for LT to get into open space and flash that "juice" as Hoge calls it.  Keep your eyes open for things like that that the Chargers will use against the Chiefs.

LT will have some motivation to go for 100 against the Chiefs.  If he reaches that goal, he will fly up the all time rushing list passing Marcus Allen, Edgerrin James, Marshall Faulk and Jim Brown into 8th on the list.