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Chiefs GM Understands Chiefs Fans Need for Winning


Yesterday, we talked about a few things Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said in an interview with Josh Looney of  This morning, I wanted to revisit one part that I think is especially encouraging for the biggest of fans like most of you that visit Arrowhead Pride on a daily hourly basis.

When asked about the worst part of being the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, Scott Pioli talked about releasing players and being away from his own family. 

When asked about the best part, he was pretty clear.

"Winning," he said with a smile.  "Winning is probably the best part of the job because it validates the things you believe in and its something that can be shared."

"I think something I didn't realize until I was on a championship team is that I didn't have a full grasp of how much this affects the people in everyday life.

Pioli also said you can not understate the impact winning games and championships has on a community and a city.  I think this is especially encouraging to some of us. It doesn't have any impact on the process of picking the right football players but it tells us that the GM understands the wide-ranging effects of winnings.

"I was a football fan growing up. I loved the team that I supported. It wasn't until our first world championship when we won the Super Bowl and had a parade. There were literally hundreds of thousands who took the day off of work.  The cheering...the impact it made on all the people that were part of it, whether it was the players, coaches, ownership or myself. 

"I remember Bill and I being on the float on the streets of Boston and seeing these people and really realizing how much of an impact it made on the fans and how important it was. 

"Winning took on a different perspective at that point in time. 

"For a very long time, winning was a really selfish motivator. You wanted to win. It was the innate comeptitiveness of the individual. As we went through that process, I realized how important winning was to everyone. 

"What it does for your community, what it did for the city and what it's going to do for this city and just the impact it has on everyone's everyday lives is something we lose sight of sometimes."