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Chargers vs. Chiefs Feature Two Teams Turning the Corner

The last time we were getting ready to play the Chargers, the Bolts were 2-3 and looking quite vulnerable. They were old in the wrong places, Shawne Merriman was a shell of his former self (and there also went the defense) and the running game looked completely overrated. Now five games later, jump-started by the Chiefs 37-7 win, the Chargers are hot at the right time and have overcome their early season struggles to chase the division lead or playoffs.

In those five games, LaDanian Tomlinson has displayed signs of life with five touchdowns in his last three games. More importantly, the high powered passing game has gotten over some early season woes (marked by low completion %) with some remarkable performances from Philip Rivers. In fact, the last two games have featured an efficient machine capable of having his way with the Eagles' and Broncos' secondary and his last five games boast a 10-3 TD-to-INT ratio.

Not only does that side look better, but Shawne Merriman and the defense have roared back to life - at least to some degree on the stat sheets. While he's a shell of his former self, Merriman does have four sacks in the last four games. Shaun Phillips is holding down the opposite pass rush with six sacks. Overall, the defense held Philly to 29 rushing yards, held the Broncos to 14 first downs (in Denver) and seem to find ways to stop the offense enough to give their own offense a chance to win. It's not all pretty but with this offense, you just need 'enough.'

With San Diego looking as good as they have, do the Chiefs stand a chance? Well, the spirits are much higher after the Chiefs recent two-game streak and defeat of the Steelers. And what you have here are two teams looking like they've turned the corner toward greater things out to make their case even bolder against one another.