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Chiefs Usually Winning the Turnover Battle

The Kansas City Chiefs surrendered a season high three turnovers to the San Diego Chargers in their earlier meeting this season.  The Chiefs also lost by the largest margin of the season partly because the defense did not create any turnovers.

In eight of ten games this season, the Chiefs have created a turnover.

When they WIN the turnover battle, the Chiefs average about a three point loss.  So, creating turnovers is obviously a major key in the Chiefs keeping it close with teams that I think a lot of folks would say are much better (Ravens, Cowboys, etc).

When the Chiefs LOSE the turnover battle, they average about a 16 point loss.  However, that's a tiny sample size because the Chiefs have only lost the turnover battle two times this season (and one tie with the Eagles).

Turnovers are usually one of those stats that can predict success fairly well.  If you're consistently winning the turnover battle, you're usually winning games.

Not these Chiefs.  They have ranked well in the +/- turnover ratios the last couple seasons but don't have much to show for it.

In 2008, the Chiefs were 8th in the turnover margin. In 2007 they were 28th.  The difference?  Two more wins on the 28th ranked team. It's really kinda strange.

This season, the Chiefs are ninth in turnover margin.  After the jump, I included a game by game breakdown with a chart.

Opponent Turnovers Score
Ravens +1 -14
Raiders -2 -3
Eagles 0 -20
Giants +1 -11
Cowboys +2 -6
Redskins +2 +8
Chargers -3 -30
Jaguars +1 -3
Raiders -1 +6
Steelers +2 +3
Total +3 -70