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Chiefs Scouting Director, Other Scouts Head Down to Florida Today

The Kansas City Chiefs scouts will be out in full force today.  We know Chiefs scouts will be represented at at least two games in Florida this afternoon.

Florida State vs. Florida

First up, Florida takes on Florida State and the Chiefs will have a representative at the game.

This is the second time (that we know of) the Chiefs have gone down to Gainesville to check out the Gators so, to me, that's an indication that they're taking serious looks at a player (or multiple players).  Big name possibilities include QB Tim Tebow, DE Carlos Dunlap, CB Joe Haden and LB Brandon Spikes.

Those are the big names.

This game is at 2:30 on CBS.

Miami vs. South Florida (in Tampa Bay)

Chiefs scouting director Phil Emery will be attending the Miami vs. South Florida game in Tampa Bay.

Possibilities from South Florida include FS Nate Allen, DE George Selvie, CB Jerome Murphy and DE Jason Pierre Paul. And for Miami it includes Jason Fox and LB Daryl Sharpton.

The Chiefs second round pick could be in play here.

This game is at 2:30 on ABC (regional).

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