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The Red Cross Hasn't Missed a Chiefs Home Game in 18 Years


Recently we were asked by the Kansas City area chapter of the American Red Cross to help kick off their 2009 holiday gift giving campaign. Since the Red Cross has been providing first aid at Chiefs games for the last 18 years (and because it's a great organization), we kindly obliged.

In this season of hope, the Red Cross is asking people to give a gift that can really save the day when the next disaster strikes, when a neighbor’s house burns down, when someone needs life-saving blood or when a child needs a hug and a blanket.

History has proven that when Americans are in need, America responds. We are encouraging people to continue to be generous this holiday season in their support of the American Red Cross. These are difficult time for families and businesses across our nation. But while it’s never been harder to give, it’s never felt better.

The "Gifts That Save the Day" campaign was designed to inspire people to make a gift that can save the day for those in need. Because online gift giving is a growing trend, the Red Cross is offering a new online gift catalog that empowers people to make a donation that could provide food and shelter for a disaster victim for a day; a military comfort kit with a robe, phone card and other supplies for the wounded warrior; or a month of basic necessities for a family in another country who lost everything in a disaster.

Check out the Gifts that Save the Day campaign at