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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 11/27

NFL grants blackout extension for Chargers-Chiefs

Citing the Thanksgiving holiday, the NFL has extended the deadline to lift the league-imposed television blackout for Sunday’s Chargers-Chiefs game at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers now have until 1:05 p.m. PT on Friday to sell the bulk of the remaining 3,500 tickets. If not, Sunday’s game will not be seen in the San Diego television market.

Chiefs News Chiefs Update | Chiefs Football at 

After 10 games of the 2009 NFL season, there are nine players who were on the Chiefs roster in 2008 who have found work elsewhere in the NFL. RB Larry Johnson was the latest, as he found a new job with the Cincinnati Bengals just last week.


@metacosm: Happy to see the Broncos finally got off their funk last night against the Giants. Up next Chiefs in KC, always tough to play there

Quick 5 questions: Matt Cassel - Independence, MO - The Examiner

Are you seeing the confidence grow? There is no doubt. Look at the Raiders game last week. It didn’t start exactly how we wanted it to, we went back and battled back and won. This week we went in at halftime down 16-7 and we stuck together, rallied and everyone had each other’s back. We went forward and it was an impressive victory for us and it definitely builds confidence.

Kansas City Chiefs - Q&A with MATT CASSEL - 11/25

Q: This is all general, but when you know a player that is good is let go or gone, the team somehow gets better, it may seems like an unusual dynamic, but that happens doesn’t it? CASSEL: "You see it throughout the entire league. Sometimes it is just a better fit to go a different direction. Luckily I’m not the guy making the personnel decisions, but they make the decisions and as a player you just know that it is part of the business and in the long run, you trust that GM Scott Pioli and coach Todd (Haley) are making the right decisions."

Kansas City Chiefs - Insider Blog: Redemption Weekend

"Chris is a talented guy," Turner said. "He obviously runs extremely well after the catch, you’ve all seen that. And again, as I said, there were a lot of things that went into it. I never thought it was about Chris’ ability." Chambers’ ability to still play the game at a high level certainly isn’t in question, thus making his release all the more surprising to him personally. "I really didn’t see it coming," Chambers said of his release. "For the most part I was just rotating from the second game on. My reps were getting cut a little bit and I didn’t get a lot of encouragement to actually get more involved and get me rolling. It was pretty much written on the wall that they wanted to get some of the young guys going."

Come overtime, here’s a tip for the Chiefs -

That’s important information, because last season 63.3 percent of overtime games were won by the team that had the ball first. And also because researchers have found that a coin flip — which in the NFL is called by the visiting team at the start of overtime — is not a 50-50 proposition. Stanford professor Susan Holmes, who co-authored the paper "Dynamical bias in the coin toss," said it’s actually a 51-49 proposition with the side facing up predicting the side that will land up. And it can be even more pronounced a difference than that.

Chiefs progressing in Haley’s quarter system -

"He has his style," Charles said, "so he can break the season down however. We still look at the schedule and are like, ‘Wow, there are still a lot of games.’ I don’t even pay attention to that. I still look at the schedule like, ‘We’ve got a long way to go anyway.’ Whatever things work for him, have to work for us." And so the Chiefs advance into their educational, disappointing and occasionally optimism-inducing season. The season is long enough to shoulder any number of emotions and responses. Haley said he hopes that his goal is to finish 3-1 or better in each quarter. If the Chiefs do that, which would give them at least a 12-4 record, Kansas City would almost definitely reach the playoffs.