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Glazer Talks Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, Head Coach Todd Haley

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports talked with Mike Francesa on WFAN in New York.  Glazer suggests that Pioli played a large role in creating Bill Belichick's image and that Todd Haley's job security should be revisited at the end of the season.

The segment was looking at all the head coaching positions that may or may not be available at the end of the season.  Glazer doesn't suggest Haley will be let go but says it's a situation that should be monitored.

Glazer's entire exchange with Francesa is after the jump.

"I keep hearing rumblings over there with Pioli, same stuff behind the scenes. 

"Everyone tries to make it like Bill Belichick's the mastermind up there in New England.  It's not. It's Pioli. It's Pioli who permeated the entire image of Belichick as this monster up there. 

"And you know Belichick, he's way more laid back in that right than people think.  It's Pioli who gets people to think, 'Oh man if you don't have this done quickly coach is going to go nuts.  It's Pioli who's saying, 'Oh man if you don't have this done coach is going to go crazy."

"I had one personnel guy tell me, 'Scotty's driving me nuts' because he'd come in there and say, 'Where is this?'

"[The personnel guy would] say, 'Well I thought I didn't have to have it in until Tuesday.'  And Scotty would say, 'Oh man Bill is going to go crazy.'

"That guy comes flying into the office that day and says, 'Oh, Bill I'm so sorry' and Bill's like, 'What are you talking about? I don't need it until Tuesday.'

"So, Pioli likes to do that.

"When he went out to Kansas City he immediately made it like he wanted to keep a secret from everybody there and he made a place that's very un-enjoyable to go to work."