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Browns Claim Roth; Chiefs Still Have Open Roster Spot

The Kansas City Chiefs currently have one open roster spot with S Maurice Leggett being shipped off to injured reserve.

We now know that position will not be filled by recently waived Miami Dolphins LB Matt Roth.  The Cleveland Browns claimed him today according to agent Drew Rosenhaus.

The Browns have a higher priority than the Chiefs so we're not sure if Scott Pioli and Co. put in a claim on the former Dolphins draft pick.  There was plenty of speculation stirring on Roth's availability.

Leggett missed practice yesterday so it was likely the Chiefs had a pretty good idea of his fate at that point meaning a roster spot would be open. Yesterday, Roth was waived.  The fact that the Chiefs didn't quickly sign a player, like they normally do, caused a lot of us to think that the club put a claim in on Roth, and were waiting to hear of the results.

If that were the case, it ain't happenin' now.

So what position will be used on the open roster spot? 

Running Back

The Chiefs signed Tim Castille last week but with Dantrell Savage's injury keeping him out of practice once again this is a position that the front office might look to


Strong and free safety is a weakness with Leggett's injury.  This is the position I think the Chiefs will look to help the most.

Offensive Line

Not likely. The Chiefs have known about their offensive line for a while and have exhausted a lot of options. If there were a lineman worthy of a look, they would have already done it.


The Chiefs seem okay at receiver but they've shuffled lots of them in and out over the past few months so I wouldn't count it out.