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Chiefs Coach Talks About GM Pioli and the Rotating Roster

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley appeared on Sirius NFL Radio yesterday morning with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon to talk about the constantly rotating roster of the Chiefs and preparing for the San Diego Chargers.

Haley said it can be difficult at times with the Chiefs players because there are so many moving parts.  As he's said before, though, players that can handle that type of adversity are the types of players the club, and GM Scott Pioli, is looking for.

"Scott does a great job for us," he said, "and he's great to work with just for that reason.  If there's something we feel we need to improve the team, he's there for us."

Video can be seen at the Mothership. I've collected a few quotes after the jump.

Haley also said that there was no second guessing the signing of Chris Chambers when his name floated across the waiver wire four weeks ago.

"That was a decision that, as an organization, we didn't hesitate on," he said.  "It's obviously paid off for us. Chris is an experienced guy who has done a good job of taking care of his body through the years.  He got beat up in the game and fought to get back onto the field in overtime."

He was also asked about the week's most popular player: Andy Studebaker out of little Wheaton College.

"Venice Beach," he said laughing when asked about Studebaker. "He's a great example for us because he's a guy that's done everything we asked him to do in the offseason dating back to March.  Running, lifting and doing everything he can to play. "

He says Studebaker "played a really good game with the big plays not withstanding."

The Chiefs now turn their focus to the Chargers, headed by Philip Rivers.

"We get done with one game and it's onto the next.  It's a hot team and he's a hot quarterback. They've won five in a row and I think they've got the running game going now.  When we first played them it wasn't quite where it's at now. I think No. 21, LaDainain, is going again but the quarterback makes it go.  He's capable of making plays all over the field and we'll have our work cut out for us again."