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Chiefs Scouts Head Down to Gainesville, Again

Kansas City Chiefs scouts will once again head down to Gainesville, FL to check out the Gators.  Last time they were taking on Vanderbilt, this weekend they're taking on Florida State.

Chiefs scouting director Phil Emery will be in Florida as well attending the Miami, South Florida game.

Yes, lots of NFL talent on the field for this one.  We already wrote about the Gators a little bit when the Chiefs visited a couple weeks ago. Here are a few of the bigger names:

QB Tim Tebow - Would the Chiefs even think about doing this?  Interesting conversation on this, I'm sure.

DE Carlos Dunlap - 6'6", 290 pounds.  Not sure where he would fit right now.  Rated No. 7 on Mel Kiper's big board.

LB Brandon Spikes - Just suspended a game for eye-gouging another player but an intriguing prospect.

CB Joe Haden - 5'11", 190 pounds.  He jumped up to No. 11 on Kiper's big board. 

It's interesting that this is now the second time the Chiefs have scouted them (that we're aware of, it could be more).  The Chiefs have also checked out the Jayhawks a number of times but that can be chalked up to geographic convenience more than anything.

What do you think? Will the Chiefs be drafting a player from Florida in April?

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