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Chiefs K Succop Getting Some Attention

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The Kansas City Chiefs used the final pick in the 2009 NFL Draft on kicker Ryan Succop, out of South Carolina.  An odd pick, no doubt, but he's proved to be worth his mettle in a few games this season.

Last week, he had the honor of kicking his first game winning field goal as a pro.  After the game, he had quite a few reporters around him and, as usual, took it all in stride.

"To be able to have an opportunity to win the game there at the end is certainly a blessing."

"To do it against the defending Super Bowl champions is a great feeling."

"You do dream of it."

USA Today has a nice profile on the Chiefs kicker dating back to a scouting report while he was in college.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said of Succop, "I never wavered in my belief in him," and that he had the "right mentality."

The Chiefs released previous kicker Connor Barth before training camp, which was a highly examined decision.

While Barth appears to be off to an excellent start in Tampa Bay, I'm content with the decision the Chiefs made in keeping Succop.  He's shown a stronger leg.  Even though he's made only 2/5 over 50 yards, he gives the Chiefs a chance in those situations.

Plus, he was responsible for 12 points in the Redskins win and kicked the game winner against Pittsburgh.  Those are some timely makes.