My Multiple Personalitys and Their Letter to Arrowhead Pride (A Shamless Attempt at the Rec.)


 Two weeks ago I attempted to write a humorous rant letter to Clark Hunt.  After posting that letter I received many appreciated compliments from various APers, thank you.  I noticed, however, that those that were most likely to post and give me a recommendation for a clever or possibly unique post were those that had some reservations on trusting Pioli and Haley after a 2 win season.  For the most part, those that either like to give Pioli or Haley more time to make an evaluation or those that don't like reading, even if humorous, possible negative material did not comment, recommend, or maybe even read my post.

'A Fan's Letter to Clark Hunt' only received 13 recommendations and fell short of being placed in the recommended posts area.  So what does it take to get a post in the rec'd area when writing humorous or unique material?  Does one have to write and submit a post that has something for everyone?  Is that even possible?  Could I come up with a post that makes the feel-good-fan feel good and also represent the I-want-someones-head-fan?  My shameless solution is 'My Multiple Personalitys and Their Letter to Arrowhead Pride'.

Here is how it works:

  • If you are an APer that likes only positive posts and are more likely to read or recommend a post if it has a positive spin on it...then please only read every other line of the letter below, starting with the first line.
  • If you are an Aper that has reservations about the direction of the team lead by Haley despite the Steelers game and are more likely to read and recommend a post that questions whether he is the right man for the job...then please read every line of the letter below.

I hope you get the outlook you are looking for...and...feel free to Rec away... ;-)...not really, it is just a fun piece that is not that good...yes it it's not...shut, shut up...

Dear Arrowhead Pride,

My passion and trust that I have for your Kansas City Chiefs

is fading despite watching last Sundays football game, and I find my distrust for Haley being the leader

burns stronger with every game.  When I tuned into the Chiefs broadcast on Sunday and I saw Todd Haley,

I was discouraged by his leadership and disappointed with the lack of expression on his face after a win;

an overwhelming feeling came over me and I found myself having an urge to 

write another letter to Clark Hunt.  The latest Chief's game did nothing to help me want to

fully trust Haley with the direction and progress of the Chiefs.  The Steelers game started to

not only become frustrating but an embarrassment to the Kansas City fan and has done nothing to

open my eyes to the fact that the Chiefs will make progress for the remainder of the season.

Players do not like being yelled at and berated every practice and after every miscue.

After watching Todd Haley and his presence on the sideline I am sure any future free agents will find

playing for the Kansas City Chiefs very difficult, and I am sure they will have no

pleasure in signing with the Chiefs.  There is no doubt they have skills and devotion

to give, but it is not something that

they would want to give to the Chiefs as long as Haley continues on his current path.  No one is more

arrogant and self-centered than Haley, and he is not

able to successfully lead this team and produce a winning product in the years to come.

I sincerely hope that every Chiefs fan comes to the realization that

what I am telling you is the reality of the situation.  Scott Pioli will be doing Chiefs fans everywhere a favor

if he ends Todd Haley's contract at the end of the season.  I hope he does not try

to retain Haley after this season.  The Chiefs led by Pioli and Haley are full of

dead ends, arrogant decisions, and rookie mistakes.  They have no

ideas for a vision of the future.  Believe me,

the current players do not care for the current coaching style.  They do not think

Haley is the Chiefs best option for the upcoming year.



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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.