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Chiefs and Chargers to Play for the 100th Time

A few miscellaneous notes on the Chiefs and Chargers 100th meeting....

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Diego Chargers for the 100th time this weekend.  And, yes, the Chiefs have won 50 to the Chargers 48 games.  There has been one tie.

The Chiefs and Chargers have also combined for 12 one point games in those 99 meetings.  That is the most between any two teams in the NFL.  Unfortunately, close calls haven't been going the Chiefs way recently.  Dating back to 1994, the Chargers have won six consecutive one point games against the Chiefs.

The Chargers have also won their last four games against the Chiefs.  We all remember the two one point losses against the Chargers last season and, of course, the 30 point slaughtering a few weeks ago.  If the Chargers win their fifth, it'll be the first time since pre-Marty in '87-'89.

Ironically, the Chargers began their five game winning streak in Arrowhead this season.

The point spread for this game is 13.5 points, which in my humble opinion is a bit high.  (I'm no gambling expert but I did bet on NFL games this week at BetUs and broke even).

The Chargers have won five in a row. The Chiefs have won two in a row.

Titans will clash.

Okay, not really but you get the picture.