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Chiefs May See Runyan After All

Update: Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports Runyan to the Chargers is a done deal.

In early September, the Kansas City Chiefs checked out veteran right tackle Jon Runyan.  After a workout, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said, "The door's not closed but it's not kicked wide open either."

As it turns out, the door was shut.  The Chiefs signed Ryan O'Callaghan off waivers and have apparently been happy with him since then.

However, the Chiefs may get another up close look at Runyan.

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Runyan is on his way to San Diego, a few days before the Chiefs arrive, to try to work out a deal with the Chargers, who are hurting on the offensive line with tackle Jerome Clary out indefinitely with a leg injury.

The Chiefs will travel to San Diego on Saturday to play the Chargers on Sunday.

The Chiefs should get a nice look see at Runyan to see what they might have missed out on, or not missed out on.

I'm content with O'Callaghan's presence on the offensive line. He hasn't been a Pro Bowler, by any means, but he's been consistent at a position the Chiefs were sorely hurting.  Considering he came off the street, he was an excellent pick up by the Chiefs in my opinion.

At this point, I think you'd have a hard time saying the Chiefs should have signed Runyan considering how everything worked out.