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Gannon Still Thinks Chiefs QB Cassel Will be Special

Despite the dropping completion percentage, low number of yards per attempt, and criticism along the way, former Kansas City Chiefs QB Rich Gannon, and CBS commentator for Sunday's victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, thinks those that criticize Matt Cassel need to keep in mind all the change he's been through.

Gannon told Roger Twibell on 610 Sports this morning that the Chiefs are putting Cassel in a difficult position, for better or worse, with all the change he's experienced throughout the season.  However, he does think Cassel will blossom into one of the special players in the league.

"It's really hard, it really is," Gannon said when asked how hard it is for a quarterback with a lot of moving parts on the team.

He's talking about the fact that the Chiefs top three receivers right now - Chris Chambers, Bobby Wade and Lance Long - didn't start the season with the team.

"Tim Castille," Gannon says of the recently signed FB, "they brought him on a Wednesday and he played in probably 25 plays. It's amazing what they've done with this group and [Cassel] hangs in there, doesn't complain and goes out there and plays."

Gannon also offered a bone of optimism to Chiefs fans frustrated with where the team is right now.

"Any Chiefs fans out there who are a little disgruntled, or not quite satisfied with where they are, just think about the situation in Cleveland, in Oakland...there's a number of situations out there where you look at it and go, 'Who's the quarterback of that team? Do we have a franchise quarterback that can lead us for the next eight or ten years?  Is it JaMarcus Russell?  Is it Brady Quinn?'"

As for the Chiefs?  Just add some talent and Gannon says, "I think you have a special quarterback in Kansas City."