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No Update on Chiefs S Leggett Until Tomorrow

I mentioned in this afternoon's practice report (courtesy of Josh Looney and Bob Gretz) that Kansas City Chiefs S Maurice Leggett wasn't on the field, nor the rehab area during today's practice. 

There has been no indication of anything from the organization but past history has taught us that an unexplained absence from practice means there's a chance Leggett's shoulder/arm injury in Sunday's game is serious. 

The Chiefs are already thin at safety and losing Leggett would be a major, major blow.  The team has most definitely been shuffling free agent safeties in and out of the complex with the injury situations to the position over the last few weeks.

At today's press conference, head coach Todd Haley would not comment on Leggett or any other injuries.

As Josh Looney at points out, league rules do not mandate the Chiefs issue an injury report on Tuesdays.  Those are saved only for Wednesday through Friday.

Like I said this morning, it's a strange week with Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Even though the Chiefs won't practice on Thursday, they'll have to issue an injury report based on who would have practiced.

So, we're a day ahead right now.  Tomorrow's practice will be like a Thursday practice, then Thanksgiving, then Friday's practice will be back to normal.