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Chiefs Coach Talks About Charles as a Runner and a Returner

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley met with reporters yesterday afternoon and discussed RB Jamaal Charles.

The second year back out of Texas is currently listed as the club's No. 1 running back and No. 1 kick returner.  I don't know about any of you but seeing someone pull double duty like that makes me nervous.  I always think of Dante Hall's declining effectiveness once he assumed a larger role as a receiver.

Haley was asked about Charles' workload in the return and run game.

"I think it’s something you have to think about," he said, "but I’m glad we had him back there on the first one. It’s something you have to think about, being aware of and monitor."

The Chiefs had a plan for how many carries they wanted to give Charles on Sunday.  Per Haley, Kolby Smith's injury caused them to switch their plans a little bit and give Charles more carries than they intended.  There is no timetable on Smith's return but Haley said they didn't think it was serious.

Whew.  Charles is a heck of a player, and has demonstrated that the last few weeks, but another running back is a necessity if he's going to be contributing at a high level for several years.

"I think Jamaal is very well coached," Haley continued, "I know that. I know his coach [Mo Carthon] for a long time. I know he’s being coached very well on all fundamentals."

In overtime, Charles had a heck of a run that Haley mentioned in his post-game comments.  He bounced off of a couple defenders and, against one of the league's most physical defenses, kept fighting and gained a few more yards.

"You know," Haley explained again yesterday, "that’s a great play and I rewound it about 10 times today just to see 10 of our players doing their job and then hustling to the ball carrier which we teach. You saw all red jerseys in there around the ball and Jamaal took a big-time hit and stayed on his feet and almost pulled out of that for a big play. I thought it was an excellent play and sparked us."

What do you think about Charles being the No. 1 running back and No. 1 returner?