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The Chiefs Recent Record Against Super Bowl Champs

Note: Forgot the Colts game from a couple years back. We'll survive I'm sure. -Chris

When the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, it marked the third and final time this decade that the Chiefs would be the defending Super Bowl champions.

How have the Chiefs done in recent years against the Super Bowl Champs? Not to shabby.

  • Chiefs beat the Patriots in 2005;
  • Patriots beat the Chiefs in 2002;
  • Chiefs beat the Rams in 2000;
  • Chiefs swept the Broncos in 1999;
  • Broncos swept the Chiefs in 1998; and,
  • The Chiefs beat the Redskins in 1992.

After the jump, I've given you some stats and a couple of notes on these games.

Take a walk down memory lane with me this morning....

Chiefs beat the Patriots in 2005
  • Final score: 26 to 16
  • Lawrence Tynes had four field goals
  • Dante Hall had a 52-yard TD catch and run from Trent Green
  • Larry Johnson had a 1-yard rush

Lots of yards - 420 on offense - and being +3 in turnovers helped propel the Chiefs and their offense over the Patriots at home.

Patriots beat the Chiefs in 2002

  • Final score: 38 to 41
  • Eddie Kennison had two receiving TDs
  • Priest Holmes had three rushing TDs
  • Morten Anderson added a field goal

If you recall, this game went into over time where Adam Vinatieri hit 35-yard field goal for the win. Even though the Chiefs had 456 total yards, being -2 in turnovers helped contribute to a loss.

Chiefs beat the Rams in 2000

  • Final score: 54 to 34
  • Todd Peterson had two field goals
  • RB Frank Moreau had a 2-yard rushing TD
  • Elvis Gbrac had TD passes to Derrick Alexander and Tony Gonzalez
  • Kimble Anders added two rushing TDs

The Chiefs out-offensed the Rams after St. Louis won the Super Bowl in 1999. The Chiefs had 428 yards of offense and were +4 in turnovers.

Chiefs swept the Broncos in 1999

  • Chiefs won in Week 2, 26 to 10;
  • Chiefs won in Week 13, 16 to 10;
  • Chiefs were +2 in turnovers over these two games
  • Tamarick Vanover had an 80-yard kick return in the second game for the go ahead TD

Yeah, no John Elway and RB Terrell Davis only played four games this season but still - a sweep over the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos is a fine thing.

Broncos swept the Chiefs in 1998

  • Chiefs lost 30-7 and 35-31
  • Kimble Anders, Andre Rison, Joe Horn and Bam Morris all had scores in these two games
  • The Chiefs only had 75 rushing yards combined

I can't say I blame the Chiefs for these losses. The Broncos went 13-0 and before their first loss in 1998 and were just destroying teams on their way to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs beat the Redskins in 1992

  • Chiefs won 35 to 16
  • Christian Okoye had two rushing TDs
  • Harvey Williams also had a rushing TD
  • Tim Barnett caught a 44-yard pass from Dave Krieg for a TD
  • Redskins QB Mary Rypien had zero TD passes and one INT

I'm not going to act like I remember this game - I was only 9-years old - so I'm going to relate my early 90s Redskins story.

It's Super Bowl night, January 26th, three days after my ninth birthday. I remember sitting there watching the Redskins whooping up on the Bills when I got a terrible ear infection. I'm crying and holding my ear for hours until my mom takes me to the pediatrician's office.

We get there and I vividly remember, even at 9-years old, watching this cranky old doctor sit in front of a TV watching the Super Bowl while I sat in the waiting room balling my eyes out from the pain.

He eventually came out of that back room and was still not pleased that I had interrupted the Super Bowl. Hopefully, he is no longer practicing medicine.


Got any favorite memories surrounding these games?