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Haley Defends Chiefs Fans in Terrible Towel Filled Home Game

A topic of conversation this morning has been all the terrible towels that were in Arrowhead stadium.  The well traveled Pittsburgh Steelers fans were highlighted by the CBS cameras and announcing crew of Ian Eagle and Rich Gannon. 

The announced attendance was just over 70,000 and there's no doubt that more than just a handful of those were Steelers fans.

We already talked about what the players said about the terrible towel filled stadium.  It's been reported that the Chiefs fans selling their tickets to Steelers fans was used as motivation for some of the players

Today, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, who is familiar with the Steelers fanbase, defended those Kansas City fans that did show up.

"The other thing I want to note on the game is our fans," Haley said at the end of his opening statement to reporters today.

"I know that the Pittsburgh fans travel very well. I’ve experienced that on a couple of occasions. But I was really impressed with our fans and the environment that was created. I thought it made it difficult for the Steelers to operate at times. I want to take my hat off to them and thought it was an outstanding performance by our fans."

At times, it was difficult to operate because the Pittsburgh fans were cheering when the Steelers had the ball.  At one point, QB Ben Roethlisberger had to motion to quiet the fans.

It's a nice gesture from Haley to recognize the fans, which I think goes a long way with the fanbase.  It's a huge advantage when the crowd can affect the game and I think Haley knows that.