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Chiefs Players Say It's 'A Lot Easier' To Come Back After a Win


Photo of LB Jovan Belcher courtesy of the Kansas City Star

The Kansas City Chiefs were back to work at the Chiefs facilities this morning in a good mood.  The players are no different than us - it's always easier to go into work on Monday morning after a Chiefs win.

"A lot easier, a whole lot easier," LB Jovan Belcher said when asked if it was easier to come into the facility this week.

"It was a big one, being Super Bowl champs last year, so it was a big win."

Indeed it was big but after a day off tomorrow the Chiefs are back to it preparing for another team on Wednesday.

With their next opponent looming, a few Chiefs players spent time Monday morning talking about the big win over Pittsburgh yesterday.

Ryan Succop

"The biggest thing is that we, the Kansas City Chiefs, beat the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday.  it was nice to have a part in that but it was a huge team victory and to be a part of it was awesome."

"We're 2-0 i the third quarter of the season and that's the direction we want to go and continue."

"All the coaches and players have been working really hard since I"ve been here and it's like we're being rewarded for a lot of hard work.  It's definitely a step in the right direction."

Mike Vrabel

"You start stringing practices together, stringing games together, it can be real positive for your football team."

Lance Long

"It's a big win. . You gotta tip your hats to the Pittsburgh Steelers because they're a great team.  A win like that ust lets us know that if we can play with them we can play with anyone.  It's just a good feeling all around. A win like that brings the team together and hopefully we start doing well."

Chris Chambers

"The guys were starting to surround each other and play for each other.  It was just great to get a total team victory - offense, defense and special teams played great.  We know we're capable of beating a team of that caliber and we can move on and play even better next Sunday."