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Chiefs n' Chambers Stuck to the Gameplan Against the Steelers

Chris Chambers' reaction to the news that before yesterday the Kansas City Chiefs had not won a game in Arrowhead since September, 2008:


Chambers was a big part of the Chiefs success leading all receivers with 119 yards including a 61 yard reception in overtime that was effectively the game winner.  There was one question though following the game - Why didn't Chambers cut his run back inside for a chance to score?

"The play before," he explained, "the guy landed on my shoulder and my chest. I had the wind knocked out of me. I didn't play for the next 10-15 minutes.  I tried to tough it out and that's one of the reasons I ran out of bounds. I didn't want to get hit."

Fair enough. Chambers play, including another 47 yard reception, was a big part of the Chiefs success. He said the Chiefs had a great gameplan and, despite being down by two scores at one point, didn't make any halftime adjustments.

"We didn't make too many adjustments," Chambers told reporters after the game. "We pretty much struck to the game plan."

"This offense has been progressing. I came at the right time where some things had been tweaked over the last six or seven weeks.  We're trying to find an identity of what we can do. It takes a little while but guys were able to step up and make plays."

Chambers credits the work put in during the week, and camaraderie of the group is reasons for the team's success.

"We carried it over to practice, the weight room....we have great tempo. I think that's a great thing about this team."