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Herm Heaps Praise On a Few Chiefs Players

This morning former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards appeared on 810 WHB and talked about a few of the Chiefs players drafted under his tenure with the organization.

He had some nice words for Andy Studebaker, signed November 2008, Tamba Hali, drafted April 2006, and Jamaal Charles, drafted April 2008.

Herm's viewpoint is unique because he was involved in acquiring all of these players.  It's interesting to see how things turned out.

Herm's demeanor is always very positive but it's interesting to notice that he talks about the players acquired in his time with the Chiefs because there aren't a whole lot of those guys left.

After the jump, a little more into the reasons behind acquiring these players and a little bit on Chris Chambers.

The defensive MVP of the game, LB Andy Studebaker, was signed by the Herm regime in November of last year.  Herm says that despite him originally playing defensive end, the 3-4 defense is built for him.

"The 3-4 defense is built for him because he's a rush guy, a very athletic guy and big guy that can run.  He's a guy that stays in the weight room, a good offseason kinda guy. The kinda guy you want on your football team."

Herm also talked about Tamba Hali.  He said that when he drafted him in 2006, the first thing you noticed was his motor.

"He plays relentless and he keeps coming. You have to block the guy. He can disrupt the passing game because you always have to account for him."

He also says that Chris Chambers is a guy that wants the ball in a big game.  He's been in playoff games and made big plays.

"He knows in his career, this is his last go around. This is probably going to be it for Chris Chambers. He gets that and he's on this team helping a young football team."

Herm also talked about one of his personal favorites, Jon McGraw.

"He's the ultimate pro on and off the field. He's a great human being. His family is fantastic. You can't wish nothing but the best for Jon McGraw."

Herm also had a nice comment regarding Jamaal Charles.

"I think Jamaal had a great day and I think that's why you draft players like that."

Of course, Herm and Co. drafted Charles.