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Chiefs Coach Haley Told Players He Would Change Gameday Attitude

This morning, oft critic of the Kansas City Chiefs new regime, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star, applauded head coach Todd Haley's efforts to take a different approach on gameday

"Rather than castigate his players, F-bomb his assistants and bicker with the refs," Whitlock writes, "Haley spent his most productive Sunday as an NFL head coach fueling his players with positive energy. They responded with their most promising performance in two years."

Haley had become known for being, ahem, animated on the sidelines with his players and coaching staff.

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles told reporters after the Chiefs 27-24 OT victory over the Steelers that Haley said he was going to change his approach.

Prior to the Jacksonville Jaguars game, two weeks ago, Haley told the players "he was going to take a whole different attitude and not push and tell us to enjoy the game, have fun and even relaxing since then."

Charles says since then the players have come together as a team.

"Everybody’s come together as a team," Charles said. "We want to win, we don’t want to lose, we’ve just made some mistakes. Now we’re just working hard in practice and hopefully can just win and that’s what we’re looking forward to, and just making the fans happy, making a comeback in Kansas City again and trying to enjoy ourselves."

And the results are there.  Following that three point loss to the Jaguars, the Chiefs are 2-0 and +9 in scoring.

So far Haley's toned down approach seems to be working.  I know that's been a point with some of his critics.  I'd say that whatever Haley's been doing, he should keep it up. If the players are responding well without the extra words on the sidelines then keep the momentum going.

What do you think? Do you agree with Haley's new approach?