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Charles in Charge is a Popular Chiefs Headline Today

The staff is a fan of the headline 'Charles in Charge' today.  Two columns have used it so far.  It's still early but I imagine we'll see more articles popping up throughout the day with similar headlines for the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 overtime victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This isn't the first time this headline has been used (we've used it a few times) and it's probably not the last time. 

The Chiefs did do a few things yesterday that don't come along as often as the Charles in Charge headline. Here are a few miscellaneous notes on the Chiefs OT victory, many of them courtesy of Pete Moris at

  • First kick return for a TD since....10/2/05
  • First opening kickoff return since...12/19/04
  • First kick or punt return since....10/1/06
  • First back to back wins since...10/14/07 and 10/21/07
  • First 94+ INT return since....9/6/92

More miscellaneous stats after the jump.

Other career highs

Charles - 158 kick return yards

Studebaker - 2 INTs

Lance Long - 30 yard reception

Other season highs

Cassel-to-Chambers for 61 is the longest pass of the season

Two 50+ receptions for Chambers in three games. KC had one in the first seven games

First game winning FG of the season and Succop's career

3 sacks (tied)

Punts inside the 20 (tied franchise record)