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Chiefs RB Charles: 'I love getting in the end zone'

You gotta love simple words like this from Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles.  I don't think I could have said it any better.

"I wish I could get into the end zone every time I step on the field."

If you missed the beginning of the Chiefs 27-24 overtime victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, then you missed one of the highest points of the Chiefs season through 11 weeks.

Charles, on the opening kickoff facing unit that "wasn't all that good", took the return 97 yards for the fastest six points of the Chiefs season thus far.

"We talked all week about how special teams had to make a play and we tried to go out there on kickoff," Charles said after the game.

Now, I think these words are important because the Chiefs are seeing real results for their efforts during practice.

"We knew that their kickoff wasn’t all that good – people have been scoring on them – so coach was talking about how we needed to take one to the house this week."

Charles scored twice today, including a goal line shovel pass from Matt Cassel.  Those two touchdowns matched his career total through one and a half seasons.

Six weeks ago against the New York Giants, Charles was an afterthought to Larry Johnson in the running game and he hadn't been able to show off his track speed in a special teams situation.  To make matters worse, he fumbled the opening kickoff giving an early advantage to a team that clearly outmatched the Chiefs.

"You just have to put that stuff in the past and stay on with the future," he said today. "I’m going to make mistakes – everybody makes mistakes. It’s just how you come back and respond the next time you get a chance."

Todd Haley's demeanor when asked about Charles after the game suggested that he was well aware of Charles' toughness since taking over the Chiefs starting job.

"That run in overtime when he got hit, well, that was a hit now and he bounced off and came back. He’s making progress. He made a huge play for us to open the game."

Charles, by the way, hasn't fumbled since that October 4th game against the Giants.