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Week 11 Kansas City Chiefs Round Up

Over 60 front page posts. 54 FanPosts. 65 FanShots. All since Monday.

We forgive you if you didn't catch them all.

That's why this week I've categorized all of the front page posts and listed them for you after the jump.

If you don't get a chance to read as much during the week, this is a good time to quickly scan the content after the jump and figure out what you missed. I think I had forgotten about the Chiefs signing former Cardinal running back Tim Castille earlier this week.

I've also added the most rec'd FanPosts of the week for good measure. Thank you to all of you who contribute to that section of the site.

Let's get to the news. The big stories of the week were:

  • Larry Johnson to the Bengals
  • Dwayne Bowe's suspension
  • Lots of depth chart movement, unofficially and officially
  • The famous "22 guys off the street" quote

It's all there, after the jump.

Dwayne Bowe Suspension

Larry Johnson

Depth Chart Changes


Todd Haley

Practice news

On the Steelers

Most Rec'd FanPosts


It's getting close to game time. Are you ready?