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These Aren't the Chiefs Keyaron Fox Remembers

Pittsburgh Steelers LB Keyaron Fox is a familiar name around here.  A third round draft pick by the Kansas City Chiefs at the tail end of the Dick Vermeil era, Fox appeared in 40 games over four years for the Chiefs.  He contributed on special teams and even got four starts while fellow LB Derrick Johnson was downed by injury.

This isn't the rivalry game you might expect it to be for Fox.  That's because when he left he went to the eventual Super Bowl champs and, well, he doesn't really know many players on the Chiefs roster.  He played with only eight players that are currently on the team:

Dustin Colquitt, Brodie Croyle, Ron Edwards, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Jon McGraw, Rudy Niswanger, Kolby Smith and Brian Waters.

"When I got to looking and saw the personnel that's around," Fox said via Chuck Finder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "there aren't too many people from the organization as a whole that I know. They went through a house-cleaning, and there are only a few players left."

The coaching staff is different from linebackers coach to defensive coordinator to head coach.  Really, this team isn't really any different from others for Fox.

I think for the most part a lot of folks appreciate what Fox did here and with our current situation at linebacker probably wishes he hadn't left.  There's no animosity there so I expect there to be no boos, if anything a few cheers.

"They're pretty good fans," Fox said. "They supported me while I was there. I don't think there are going to be any boos or anything, hopefully."