5 ways the Chiefs get a win this Sunday

I'm not confident the Chiefs can best the Steelers this Sunday. I hope the Chiefs can have a good game and keep this close. Before everyone crowns the Steelers with a victory, Lets go over some stats and what the Chiefs will have to do to beat the Steelers.


1. Run the Ball- I know They have a good run D. I think Ive heard people say it is number 1 in the league. From what I can find they are the 11thranked run D. They allow 95 yards a game on the ground. If the Chiefs can get 70 yards on the ground with an average of at least 4 yards a play, That gives us a better chance. This alone will not assure us a win, but if the are held to 3 rushing yards, it means the Steelers are winning the game by a couple TDS. The Chiefs have to get Charles going.

2. We have to keep Big Ben in the pocket- Not just in the pocket, but pressured in the pocket. Studebaker and Hali will have to step their game up. Big Ben is one of the best QBs in the league but what keeps him from being in the same sentencee as Brady and Manning is his tendency to make bad decisions. The Chiefs need to sack him when they get a hold of them. If Big Ben is able to shrug off our pass rushers, he will throw for 350 yds. Hali needs to wrap him up when he gets a hold of him and at least force him into an bad throw. The Steelers only average 206 yds threw the air, They are ranked 19th in the league.

3. We need a defensive or special teams TD- We need a boost, If we could score a TD on defense, it could get the D amped. Big Ben has only thrown 8 ints, If we could force 2 ints or fumbles, it would go along way. Are defense will have a tuff time stopping their medicoreoffense already, and our offense wont be able to keep up with theirs. Were gonna need pointshowever we can get them. We will also have to keep this game under 20 points.

4. Contain Mendenhall- If we can keep his numbers pedestrian, we could force them into being one dimensional. I know our pass D sucks but its would make it easier if we only had to stop one thing. Mendenhall either has a very good game or an average game. I dont think we can keep him under 50 yards, but right around there would be awesome. The Steelers are ranked 25th in the league at running the football. They seem to have gotten their running game going lately and their OGare definitly a strong point of their O Line.

5. Run draws, Sweeps, and Screens successfully- I know, Alot of people are going to cry about the draws. But the only shot we have of averaging 4 yards per carry is to get their defense out of place. Jamal Charles is alot better at these draw plays then LJ was. He is explosive ability adds an extra dimension to our offense. If we can get this aggressive defense out of position. Jamal could possibly break of some good runs. The Steelers are not the best team at handling Screens and Sweeps either.


Honestly, It isn't this simple. I feel that the Chiefs can keep this game close if we can do 1-5. I feel Tamba is gonna have a problem taking Big Ben down, So I would love to see Studebaker blitzed more. He seems a little more powerfully but not as quick. Im gonna go into this game open-minded and I feel we all should. Remember who were playing, This isn't the Cowboys, Eagles, or Chargers. I have mad respect for this franchise even though ive always hated them. Their players try!!!! Alot of people like to say they have more talent or there guys are just better. True they are a more talented then the Chiefs, but that isnt what makes the Steelers one of the best teams. They give 100% every play. They have alot of leaders, and they always show up ready to play.

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