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Steelers S Polamalu Will Not Play Against the Chiefs

Looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers play the secrecy game as well.  This week S Troy Polamalu would not answer questions about his injured knee.  Head coach Mike Tomlin instructed him not to speak on the topic.

"Who says there's even a real knee, first of all?"

Well, okay then.  Knee injury or not Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports Polamalu will not play against the Chiefs.

This is a major plus for the Chiefs.  The Steelers have only allowed 100 rushing yards on two occasions this season - both were games Polamalu missed.

So, one of the top safeties in the game will not play this weekend.  His replacement will be Tyrone Carter, who Polamalu says is a solid player.

"There are a lot of strengths that Tyrone has that I lack and vice versa," Polamalu said. "That's why every time I'm in the game, I come to the sidelines, he's in my ear about the previous drive and each play, and where I can improve and what to look out for."

This weekend, it'll be Polamalu on the sidelines getting in Carter's ear.