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Chiefs Coach Haley Will Not Talk About Injuries Anymore

As we mentioned in the post right below this, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley toughened his stance on what he says (or does not have to say) on injuries to his players.

In the beginning of his press conference today, he was asked about injuries along the offensive line.

"It seems to me we’re getting back to full strength. From now on in here I’m not going to talk a lot about injuries, if at all. I think the rest was good for everybody."

He was then asked if this decision was coming from himself or the organization.

"It’s a Coach Haley decision 100%," he said, "and it was a rookie head coach not knowing all the rules. I was under the assumption that in-season I had to talk about some of those things but once I found out that I didn’t I was excited.

"I can just put out my [injury report throughout the week.] I don’t want the players talking about it and I want to give them back in return."

Interesting. The Chiefs haven't had many injuries, overall, this season.  We've noted in the past that they generally seem to have less than their opponents' injury report.

Did something happen that prompted someone to explain the rules of reporting injuries to Haley? I haven't heard of any problems and/or grumblings of the Chiefs reporting injuries.

The quote regarding Jarrad Page, via Josh Looney of, is not posted on the team's official transcript.

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