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A Twist to the Story on Chiefs S Jarrad Page?

Interesting stuff coming from Josh Looney over at on the situation with Kansas City Chiefs S Jarrad Page. The third year safety has been inactive twice this season.  He was on the injury report a couple weeks ago for a shoulder as well.

Haley started his press conference talking about injuries in general.

"From now on I’m not going to talk a lot about injuries, if at all," head coach Todd Haley told reporters this afternoon. "Unless something major comes up, I’m going to stay away from that."

And then, as Looney points out, Haley has this to say when asked about Page a few minutes later.

"I will talk about Jarrad Page tomorrow," Haley stated. "He suffered another injury on Thursday and I’ll talk about that tomorrow."

OK, what is going on?

Josh brings up the dreaded words abbreviated IR in speculating what could be going on.  It's all a guess right now but, it's interesting to note that Haley said he would only talk about "major" injuries....and then says he will talk about Page.

Is it possible Page is done for the year?

It's all a guess right now but the dots can be connected.  A trip to IR, would end Page's season.

And free up a roster spot for Kolby Smith.