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Chiefs Center Returns to Practice While Two Safeties Are Absent

Kansas City Chiefs center Rudy Niswanger was a surprise return to practice this afternoon.  Niswanger was carted off the field last week against the San Diego Chargers.  Per Josh Looney, there are reports out there that it was a MCL sprain, which is the same injury that caused Matt Cassel to miss week one. 

Depending on the severity, the injury usually takes 2-4 weeks to recover.  Looney reports that Niswanger was "rather limited" on the field.

Looney also reports that both of the Chiefs free safeties, Jon McGraw and Jarrad Page, were absent from practice.  

McGraw is still recovering from a leg strain last week.  His timetable isn't known at this point.  Page had a shoulder injury a few weeks ago but the reason for his absence isn't entirely known at this point (Update 4:15 PM: Haley says it's an injury, updates coming).

With the safeties out, nickelback Maurice Leggett and Ricky Price filled in.  Price was signed to the practice squad last week.

Branden Albert was back on the field, as well, and appears ready to finally play this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As Looney points out, today is sort of a bonus day.  Usually the Chiefs don't practice until Wednesdays, but with no game yesterday they're getting a jump start.