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Jaguars Fans are Very Confident Heading into Chiefs Game

Ryan over at KC Chiefs Blog pointed this out to us this morning but the Jacksonville Jaguars fans appear to be confident in their team's ability to beat our Kansas City Chiefs.  In fact, incredibly confident.
Pick Team Pick %
Kansas City 7%
Jacksonville 93%

These numbers come from the Jags official website.  They're not complete homers, either, with only 54% of them picking the Jags to beat the previously 0-6 Titans.

Sorry, Jags.  There's no question you're the superior team in this matchup but you needed overtime to beat the Rams and were on the wrong end of a 41-0 stomping courtesy of the Seahawks.

I don't think Chiefs fans are confident going into this game but when you're playing a team like the Jags, who don't really excel in any category, it's tough to be that confident.

As I've been looking over the Jags stats, I noticed that they're not very good in any one area except for rushing the ball (8th in yards).  And even then, they're 23rd in attempts so is that a few big runs (like MJD's 80 and 79 yarder yesterday) or is that consistently producing 5-7 yard runs?

I'm not sure yet.  But we'll find out this week as we preview the Jags.

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