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Chiefs Get Back to Work Today

The Kansas City Chiefs are getting back to work today.  Last week, the team practiced Tuesday-Thursday on their bye week and did well enough, per head coach Todd Haley, that they earned themselves the weekend off.

Today they're back at it, a couple of days early.  Mondays are generally reserved for taking care of injuries and other post-game things.

Today, however, they're practicing.

The Chiefs haven't been very good after a bye week the last two seasons.  In 2007, a 33-23 post-bye-week loss to the Green Bay Packers started a string of nine consecutive losses to the end the season.  In 2008, a 34-10 loss to the Titans started a six game losing streak.

There was an interesting quote in a Kansas City Star article last week on how the coaching staff is spending some of its time during the bye week.

"Haley said his coaching staff is spending its extra time this week," the article said, "installing what the Chiefs hope is a more effective offense. That could mean more emphasis on Charles and, if he’s healthy, Smith."

Hmm.  Does this really change much?  When Larry Johnson was in the game, the emphasis was on him as he got nearly 20 touches per game.  So, if he's out, then the emphasis is on Charles and/or Smith?  Has anything really changed then?

Whatever the Chiefs offense does this week, something needs to get better.

This bye week will be spent putting in a new game plan for the second half of the season, straying from what hasn't worked.  Or it will be emphasizing the basics of the game plan already in place.  

What do you think?  Will the Chiefs make good use of the bye week and come out firing on Sunday?